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Transit Umrah programme for all muslims travelling with Saudi Arabian airlines.

To visit the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina for performing Umrah has always been a dream and prayer of every Muslim irrespective of his social or financial status; with the introduction of Transit Umrah programme of Saudi Arabian Airline, in conjunction with the Ministry of Awaqaf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it need not remain a dream anymore; dreams have become realities; the prayers have been answered;

The delightful fact is that now anyone travelling on Saudi Arabian Airlines via Jeddah or Madina could break their journey in the Kingdom to visit the Holy Cities en route to their home country / destination at no extra cost for the stopover. This opportunity could well be called a Blessing even before the holy journey begins.

The Kingdom has opened its door welcoming every genuine pilgrim to the Holy Cities with a never-before-simple-procedures in place with regard to obtaining the Transit Umrah visa, . Where ever you are heading to, you now have a choice to perform Umrah on your way to your final destination. It is easy and it does not take too much time, you just have to choose the Transit Umrah Package that suits you best.

Al Ghaith & Al Moosa Travel Agency popularly known as ALTA, who are the GSA of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, in Dubai are geared up to offer further assistance to pilgrims who wish to perform Umrah. ALTA can provide all services including processing of Kingdom Transit Umrah Visa, Air ticket confirmation, Hotel reservations, Meet & Assist services at Jeddah & Medina airports, Transport to the Hotel and the Holy Cities and every other service associated with the pilgrimage. Indeed it is a great opportunity for ALTA to put their 38 years of experience in the Travel Trade to offer the best deal for their customers in terms of price and quality of service.

The programme offers a wide range of excellent ground arrangements at a very affordable and competitive price, but also keeps in mind the comfort of every pilgrim be it an individual or a big family or group. Umrah handling being a prime product of Saudi Arabian Airlines, all Saudia flights start with Travel Prayers, aircrafts are equipped with Bosla (Kaaba direction pointer), notification for Ahram Zone (Miqaat), Prayer Area (Mosque), on board B777 aircraft etc. The crew is also trained to make the religious traveller feel at home and extend facilities to make journey a smooth experience.

Knowing the following facts would enable the passenger to avail all the facilities that are on the cards and make the most of it with regard to Transit Umrah Programme.


 This is open exclusively to passengers travelling on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

 All passengers travelling from UAE to any
other country via Jeddah or Madinah can avail this programme.

 A Valid Passport (with a min validity of 6 months) is necessary
Confirmed reservation all the way to the final destination and ticket
Valid Transit Umrah Visa to the Kingdom (seek assistance from ALTA)
The desired Umrah programme.

Other Relevant Information:
The Transit Umrah Program ranges between 8 hours minimum to maximum 72 hours. There are several Programs for individuals or groups to satisfy the need of all type of passengers and details can be obtained from our offices.

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